Wifi Devices

Wifi Touch Panel

Beautiful capacitive Touch Switch Panels from iMonitor, with toughened glass facia & aluminium bezel, will be ideal for the modern homes. Will replace traditional switch panel. Combinations on a Panel would be On/Off, Light Dimming, Fan Control. Its features include virtual switch, proximity sensing, sound on operation & status LED indicators.

smart touch switch panel

Designed for Indian power conditions

Self healing capability

Takes care of power surges and transients

Signal strength mapping with controller

Proximity sensing

Fits standard gang box

Combination of up to 4 On/Off,2 virtual switch, 1 fan speed & 1 light dimming control

Input Voltage

230V AC, 50 Hz

Max. Output Power

1050W (5A), Resistive Load x 4

400W (5A), Resistive Load x 1

100W (5A), Inductive Load x 1



Operating Voltage

90-264V AC

Operating Temp

0-60 °C


42 x 45 x 21 mm