“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” – Jane Austen

Let’s make your home more comfortable and safer with iMonitor’s Home Automation.
Make everything at your home ‘smart’ – Lights, Fans, ACs, Curtains, Audio-Video Equipment and other Household Appliances. Control them with your voice commands or mobile app. Monitor & manage your home from anywhere. Set your ‘Rules’, ‘Schedules’ & ‘Scenarios’ to customize the way you want. Be alerted in case of intrusion or suspicious movements. Enable the aged people or children raise an SOS alarm on your mobile when needed.


Residential Complexes

In addition to automation, create an effective emergency response system for your residential complexes. When emergency arises, residents can raise an SOS from App or portable remote which will be displayed to Security Station and other designated people so that assistance can be provided immediately.

Hotels & Hospitals

“Customer experience is everything. It’s the new marketing battlefront.”

Provide the guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room – Lights, AC, Drapes & Audio/Video systems – using mobile app or voice commands. Pre-set scenarios that make the room behave based on situations.
Integrated with PMS, limit the use of lights & ACs n unoccupied rooms to reduce energy wastage.

hotels & hospitals

Offices & Co-Working Spaces

Vary Intensity of Lights and AC Temperature (VRV and Spilt ACs) based on ambient levels or vary based on based on number of occupants. Enable employees to control Light, AC and Blinds from their seats. Switch Off AC & Shut Blinds after office hours and Switch On based on people movement. Get alerts on mobile when pre-defined events occur.
Make meeting rooms ‘Smart’. With just voice commands prepare for presentations (Switch Projector On, Open Screen, Close Blinds, Dim Light to 25%), vary Temperature or Switch Off AC and Light based on number of occupant, integrate with Google Calendar, Switch On AC 5 mins before meeting and restrict access to person who booked. Control everything with voice.