home slider 4 Smart Home
That Makes You Safer
Enables families to feel more secure at home or even when away
Saves Energy Save 10-30% through Smart Rules and Schedules home slider 5 Smart Digital Living Experience the benefits of connected devices and appliance controlled and monitored
                                          from Anywhere and Anytime
homes Technology Leadership IOT Technologies for Innovative Designs and Continuous Enhancements

Designed, Developed, Manufactured, Cloud Hosted and Supported in India.

Complete Software Platform and Hardware has been created by a global team experienced in development of complex products. The IoT Solution is Hosted in the Cloud in India ensures Customers Privacy. There are a complete set of APIs to widen the range of solutions for Customers. The R&D team is committed to continuous enhancement for enriching Customer experience.

safe home happy family

Safe home, happy family

Provide around-the-clock security for the family. Stay connected with family 24X7. Get real-time alerts to ensure timely help. Set personalized Rules that activates when specific events occur. Panic Button to enable elders and children to seek help.

Have peace of mind.


Security Rules:

  • When main door is opened after 11 in the night, switch on all the lights in the Living Room, camera to take a picture and store in the Cloud, all family members to be alerted using Push Notification.
  • When the jewel box is opened, both parents to be alerted by SMS.
  • If motion is detected on the terrace when no one is to home, sound the hooter and alert family members and next door neighbours.

slider background switches are parsee perfect fitting aluminium bezel. Technological elegance. Beautiful capacitive touch switch panels from iMonitor Comes with tempered glass facia and Switches are passé will be ideal for the modern houses slider background voice control by voice commands in English & Hindi. Amazon Alexa & Google home integrated iMonitor devices can be controlled Control with
voice commands
iMonitor Intelligent Home is
slider background Take control when a pre-defined event occurs ‘Schedules’ – Set of actions executed automatically ‘Rules’ – Set of actions executed automatically at preset time Take Control ‘Scenarios’ – Set of actions executed when the
Scenario is activated
Make the home behave your way with personalised,
conserve energy resized

Conserve energy

Set Rules & Schedules for auto-operation of ACs, lights & appliances to avoid wastage. When leaving home be alerted about lights & appliances that are on. Switch-off lights & appliances from anywhere. Detect power outages and put off devices automatically to conserve back-up power. Conserve 10-30% energy. Be a green warrior.

Slide Easy to set status,
activate scenario
& new notifications.
Home Screen Build-in Panic Button to
notify all other users
in case of emergencies.
Quick access to
all features.
Slide Control them by
touching on the icons.
VIEW BY ROOMS See status appliances
in each room
Slide Control them by
touching on the icons.
See status of a
specific type appliance
(eg: AC or Light) in all rooms.
Slide Save energy through with
innovative scheduling.
AC CONTROL Automate & control
all functions of ACs.
Control them by
touching on the icons.
Slide Save energy through
with innovative scheduling.
FAN CONTROL Automate & linearly
control speed of fans.
Set to any speed
Slide Vary the light intensity RGB LIGHTING Include as part of
Rules and Scenarios.
Create magic of light
by combining red,
blue and green LEDs
to produce over 16 million
hues of colours.
Slide Full or partial opening
are possible.
Motorised operation of curtains
keep them perfectly
aligned and avoids accidental
damagefrom physical handling.
With motorised systems,
curtains can be opened or closed
using voice or smartphones.
An be part of Scenarios
and Schedules.

Futuristic solutions

iMonitor has a strong in-house R&D team who work on futuristic technologies and continuously Innovating. We have leveraged nearly decade long experience in while designing devices and enabling features. Our devices are rugged to withstand surges and has a self-healing capability. Over-the-air upgrades ensure that.

Best-in-class solution & devices.

Quality & Support

We assure quality products, designed to withstand tough conditions, manufactured with care and thoroughly tested. Along with our well-trained partners, we assure quick and effectivesupport for your installation.

That’s our promise.


  • Enables enhanced Security, Energy Management & convenience of Digital Living
  • Fully Wireless, Modular, Scalable, Portable, Easy to Use, Quick Installation
  • Multiple access & control mechanisms – Voice, Mobile App, Web, Remotes
  • Designed to work under tough conditions – Power, Internet
  • Never outdated – new features updated over-the-air
  • Prompt Onsite / Offsite (Email, Messaging & Phone) support
  • Developed by iMonitor’s in-house R&D team; continuous improvement